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Security Officers

Credo Services, LLC, a private Security company for Faros Properties, is looking to hire full time and part time security offices.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Record time appropriately in the desired timekeeping system
  • Read previous shift activity logs, alarm reports, incident reports, and memorandums
  • Discuss prior shift with the officer you are relieving for any verbal instructions
  • Fill out daily log throughout tours to include, unlocked doors, incidents, alarms
  • Assist any and all tenants with appropriate requests
  • Respond to base or other Credo employees for unlocking doors and escorting vendors to appropriate locations
  • Make wand patrols through each building - checking all exterior and interior doors to make sure they are locked.
  • Checking for lights (other than night lights), making sure that all restrooms, vending areas, phone areas, etc. have all lights out as well as all coffee pots off. This is to be done as you wand each of the wand locations in each building. Remember your senses of sight, smell and sound must be utilized.
  • Make notes on your DAR of any unlocked doors, lights you turned off, offices that have tenants working, and anything unusual you encountered. This is not a speedy process but a deliberate, functional and very important function of your job description
  • Check all tenant doors, if the suite is found open/unlocked, the officer must enter the tenant area to check for occupancy while announcing their presence. If no tenant is found in the area, the officer will make sure all coffee pots are turned off in kitchen areas and turn off lights before exiting the suite. If at any time an officer has occasion to enter a tenant space, the officer shall indicate such occurrence on their DAR. The officer shall also indicate whether they were able or unable to secure the door upon exiting. If a tenant was in the space, it should be noted as such.

Other Job Functions:

  • Sign in and sign for equipment
  • Fill out equipment checklist
  • Retrieve radio from Security Office
  • Any non-emergency maintenance problems, such as burned out lights, dripping faucet, drinking fountain that is running, etc., should be logged on their daily activity sheet and highlighted for daylight shift to notify maintenance
  • Conduct foot and/or mobile patrols of all assigned areas in the complex
  • Make exterior and interior building tours in complex and check for locked doors, lights on, etc.
  • Check all hallways and stairwells for smoke/fire/water and for items that will impede safe travel
    to the exit or exterior of the building
  • Check hallways and stairwells for burned out lights, including exit signs.


  • MUST be able to pass a background check
  • MUST be able to pass a drug screening
  • 1-2 years security experience preferred
  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred

Benefits (FULL-TIME)

  • Healthcare which includes employee contribution
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401K
  • PTO (Paid Time Off)
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Armed Security Officer (FULL TIME / PART TIME)

Credo Services LLC is accepting applications for overnight/armed security at Parkview and City View Apartments and an overnight/armed roving supervisor.  Credo Services, LLC is an in-house security company under Faros Properties.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Check visitors in/out,
  • Monitor CCTV Cameras,
  • Patrol premises & parking lots,
  • Deter & eliminate threats,
  • Respond to alarms,
  • Report all incidents,
  • Coordinate with Management,
  • Interact with law enforcement and emergency services


  • Former/current law enforcement (Act 120)
  • 235 Certification

Benefits (FULL-TIME)

  • Healthcare
  • Dental/Vision
  • 401K
  • PTO (Paid Time Off)
  • Paid Holidays
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